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              Compello Invoice Approval is a solution for companies that would like to use electronic invoice workflow to become more efficient. Compello is a market leader in Norway and has delivered Invoice Approval solutions in Norway for more than 15 years.
              The solution has an intuitive and user-friendly design, making it easy to use. Compello Invoice Approval Touch will enable Compello Invoice Approval users to use the system using their mobile devices.

              Compello Invoice Approval Touch includes:

              1. Approval / Rejection / Forward to other users
              2. View and edit posting lines
              3. Print
              4. Comment
              5. Handle multiple invoices
              6. Simple and Saved archive search
              7. Workflow
              8. Push notifications (app only)
              9. Add Subpages to Invoices
              10. Add New Posting Lines

              Version 3.0.0
              © Compello AS 2014


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